Dr. Christian being taken to the air ambulance

United Workers Party (UWP) candidate for the Soufriere Constituency, Dr. Sam Christian, was earlier this evening airlifted to Martinique for medical attention.

Dr. Christian was seriously injured in an accident at Pointe Michel on Saturday in which he got pinned by his own vehicle.

Dr. Christian was admitted to hospital on Saturday afternoon with an injury to his pelvis.

UWP Deputy Leader, Joshua Francis, said in a post on Facebook on Saturday evening, that Dr. Christian had been admitted to the Alford Ward of the Princess Margaret Hospital.

On Sunday morning, in an updated Facebook message, Francis stated that arrangements had been made to get Dr. Sam out of PMH-ICU and flown to Martinique today (Sunday Dec 3rd).

“We must keep praying without ceasing,” Francis said.

Health Minister Darroux shakes the hand of a staff member of the air ambulance

However, the arrangements spearheaded by Health Minister, Dr. Kenneth Darroux, on behalf of the government, to bring in an air ambulance to airlift Dr. Christian to Martinique for the required surgery, experienced some delay and he was eventually flow out of Canefield airport sometime after 6:00 pm.

“Dr. Sam has finally been boarded and headed to Martinique. May the host of healing Angels travel with him while we hope for a full and speedy recovery,” Francis stated in a Facebook post shortly afterwards.

Francis had said earlier in a WhatsApp message, that medical staff at the PMH reported that Dr. Christian was conscious.

“His heart is doing well. He speaks. He’s stable in certain respects but unfortunately, he is still subject to internal bleeding and that is a bigger concern,” Francis explained. “So, let us pray and let us hope for the best.”

The air ambulance before take off

Meanwhile, the family of Dr. Christian released a statement on the matter, signed by his brother, Gabriel Christian.

“In this moment of grave concern over the life of Dr Sam Christian, his mother Mrs. Alberta Christian, the Christian family and friends wish to thank  the Prime Minister Roosevelt Skerrit, the Leader of the Opposition Lennox Linton, Sam’s attorney Joshua Francis, Cecil Joseph,  Adenauer “Washway” Douglas, Matt Peltier, Alicia & Trudy Christian, Pearl Christian, Dr Hazel Shillingford-Ricketts,  Dr Dale Dangleben, Dr Irving Pascal, the attending physicians and staff of the Princess Margaret Hospital, alongside ordinary citizens at home and abroad who have rallied with humanitarian fervor in this moment,” the statement.

It said that Dr. Christian did his best for Dominica when he could and and added that he will continue to do his best “to unite and prosper our nation by God’s grace.”

“May the exemplary conduct of all concerned, on both sides of the aisle in our homeland and Diaspora, be a salutary message which directs us toward a better and more unified dispensation,” the family stated. “As we seek to aid Dr. Sam Christian in his darkest hour, we know it is that love and unity he would want to see made manifest in our land. We pray that his life be saved.”