The new ACS & Co shopping facility located in the former Haydens Supermarket building at Pottersville

The new ACS & Co shopping facility located in the former Haydens Supermarket building at Pottersville

Shoppers now have another option for early and late night shopping.

ACS and Co. Ltd on Friday launched their new 23,00 square feet grocery and household air-conditioned center in Pottersville in the former Haydens Supermarket building.

“Today marks the culmination of an idea that has materialized into this grand opening. The creation of this new location creates an opportunity for patrons to shop in an air-conditioned environment, to get an array of a variety of products available at your disposal,” Visual Merchandising Training Facilitator of the Corporate Enterprise Financial Services Ltd, Hyacinth Durand-Ducreay said.

Managing Director of the company, Julius Timothy said the opening was in fond memory of Mr. Hayden Thomas.

“Mr. Hayden Thomas, who pioneered self-service operations in Pottersville…Mr. Hayden Thomas has since moved on and now ACS is taking over the Pottersville operations.”

He told customers that they should expect the best practices experienced at the other two locations, in High Street and King George V Street.

“For instance, we must tell you that we pride ourselves in the best prices in Dominica. We have best prices in Dominica and we’re bringing that to the Pottersville area. Now we’re going to bring our new products to Pottersville.”

Timothy also mentioned that they will be offering new frozen products at all their locations which include a soup mix, with a combination of local ingredients and peeled dasheen also potato and breadfruit flour and a new liquor.

General Manager of ACS, Dexter Ducreay, urged the new staff to do a good job and ensure that customer service is at its highest like the other locations.

The Pottersville center will be managed by Ethlyn Charles, who began with the company some 10 years ago first as a cashier, and subsequently promoted to the post of supervisor.

The new center was blessed by Monsignor Eustace Thomas.