Coconuts in Dominica before Hurricane Maria

Director of Agriculture, Ricky Brumant has called for a unified approach to ensure that the coconut industry is developed in Dominica.

He was addressing a one-day Entomological Risk Management workshop for small coconut producers and other producers held at the Newtown Primary School on Wednesday.

“So we need that collective action, that unity that we will require to ensure that coconut is developed,” he said. “We are looking forward to pushing coconuts as a local industry, engaging all the stakeholders to ensure that at the end of the day we win the game. We need, like we say, all hands onboard to push on that sector.”

According to Brumant, “we are at a point where we are in the ashes with coconut” but is confident that the industry will rise again.

“And so from the ashes, we will rise and build the coconut industry that will be better than what it was before.”

Brumant mentioned that the coconut industry is a million-dollar one and “we must pay some significance to that.”

“In the ministry, it is a priority crop for us, we have it certainly as one of the important development areas in agriculture to push forward on,” he stated.

Brumant described coconuts as a crop that is used locally but the idea that it can be exported as a water nut as well as a dry nut is very important to Dominica.

He pointed out that the idea of mitigation against pest is very vital for Dominica.

“The idea of mitigation looking at pests and diseases in coconuts is of course of concern, and so we have to work out the challenges,” he noted.

He said that in terms of an approach, the ministry will select a particular person to deal with that issue as well as a team of people to give support to that person.

“That is where we are going and we are looking at every crop like that,” Brumant explained.