Drigo said now is a good time to return to agriculture

Minister for Agriculture, Johnson Drigo, has again encouraged farmers to return to agriculture as now is the most opportune time to do so.

Speaking at one of the town hall meetings held recently, Drigo said that now is the time to go back to agriculture as more and more markets are increasing their demand for produce from Dominica.

He said that despite the many challenges, measures have been put in place to enhance produce for export.

“Of course we have had our challenges. We all had our challenges with Black Sigatoka. We have had our challenges with the quality that we sent out, but we are saying now that all of the infrastructures are in place to ensure that when a product leaves Dominica, it is the best quality and it is properly labeled, properly weighed and is heading out to some of the best markets out there,” he said.

Drigo appealed to young people, telling them that the Ministry of Agriculture is ready and willing to assist them.

“We are ready and willing to give you the support that you need. Come up with your plans, let us know what you are interested in, we will send you to the right officers in the Ministry to work with you,” Drigo stated.

He added that regardless of the venture, the Ministry is ready to assist with the production processes.

“Whether it’s fishing, whether is tree crop, whether it’s coffee, whether it’s cocoa, whatever you are interested in, the Ministry is ready to help you to go into production my dear people, not only for food security, but we want to go into expanding the export market to meet the demands that we have,” he remarked.