Banana production forecast is said to be encouraging

Banana production forecast is said to be encouraging

Dominica’s banana sector is getting back on its feet says the Hon Minister for Agriculture, Johnson Drigo.

In an interview on Tuesday, April 5th, Hon Drigo stated that Government’s rapid response at a time of impeding factors, especially Black Sigatoka, has paid off.

He listed Government’s Black Sigatoka Management Programme which tackled the disease from several angles.

“We are very satisfied with the farmers’ response to these efforts and we are seeing improvements across the board.”

He revealed that the production forecast for November 2015 – June 2016 is encouraging.

“We anticipate 962 tonnes of bananas and this is very encouraging for the banana sector,” he stated.

The Agriculture Minister says that with Government’s assistance, harvesting will soon begin.

“We had virtually stopped exporting bananas after Black Sigatoka took its toll on the industry. With the Banana Accompanying Measures Programme and Government bringing in well over 5,000 fresh plantlets, the banana sector is on the rise and we are ready to export bananas. We are excited about that,” he remarked.