Cover of the book

Young entrepreneur, Callister Sango has completed her first book, The AgriFesto, which, according to her, is an agribusiness success manual.

The book contains tips and solutions that are guaranteed to help farmers, agro-processors, seedling propagators, herbalists, florists, fisher folk and other individuals actively involved in agribusiness to reach more customers, get more sales and make more money.

The book, in its simplicity, can be read by persons as young as 13 years who desire to succeed in agribusiness.

The book seeks to place emphasis on advertising, branding and marketing, but also comprises of chapters discussing the importance of weighing agricultural products, effective communication, pricing and so on.

The AgriFesto seeks to fulfill the same mission as AgriVertise – to help to revive agriculture again in Dominica.

“Therefore, I am giving $10 of every book pre-ordered via back to the country for this purpose,” Sango said.

Despite graduating from college, with an associate degree in General Agriculture, Callister stated that the book was written after listening to the people, speaking to the people and now writing for the people during a three-year period of practical research.

The book will be available at the end of May or can be pre-ordered HERE

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