ALIVE WORD: The love of money – Part 2

The Richardsons

“For the love of money is the root of all evil: which while some coveted after, they have erred from the faith, and pierced themselves through with many sorrows.”  – 1 Timothy 6:10

Some people are living beyond their means and trying to prove points to people, going to all lengths to build houses, own cars, clothes shoes, bags and other items that they cannot afford.  Some are selling themselves out for the Almighty dollar bill at the expense of their character, integrity and souls.

Listen ladies, if you cannot afford a genuine Gucci bag for $500.00 buy a nice $20.00 bag, they do exist.  Don’t sleep around with people just to get money to do your hair and nails or pay your rent.  You are more valuable to God than that.  Don’t use the child support money to buy new clothes and shoes and leave your children go hungry.  Remember God is watching and whatever we sow we are sure to reap.

Young men, the $800.00 cell phones and the $1,000.00 car rims…  For some people it an item is not name brand they cannot buy it or wear it.  Do not get me wrong, I believe that we should look our best at all times but it is very important especially with what is going on in the world’s economy right now that we be wise.  Live on a budget and save your money.

Parents, it is important that we teach our children from young the importance of godliness, honesty, integrity and contentment.  If you give them everything they want, whether you can  afford it or not and do not teach them the importance of being contented, honest and not being ensnared by the love of money, they will grow up thinking that the world owes them and some will venture into unscrupulous and illegal acts just to get what they want.

Please don’t get me wrong, I am a parent and I know the children have minds of their own and there comes a time when parents no longer can make decisions for them.  But according to the Word of God, the process of training is important and is actually the responsibility of the father.  But if the father is not fulfilling the role then the mother has to try her best to do what she can to instill Godly values in her children.

God is calling the saints of God to be wise stewards of the money He has blessed us with.  You see when you are faithful in little; God can bless you with more.  Of course Christians, we must not rob God.  We are to give 10% of our gross earnings to the Lord in tithes and offering on a monthly basis.  If we don’t, we cause curses to come on ourselves and our families and give the enemy an open door to steal from us.  Malachi      If you are attending a church that preaches and teaches the uncompromised Word of God and you pay your tithes remember you are paying it to God, neither the pastor nor the church.

God will hold the pastor and the church administration accountable and responsible for what is done with the funds.  Give God what is His FIRST and you will see how he will cause the blessings to overtake you.  You can neither win nor prosper if you rob God.

Do not allow money to be your God.  Beware of deals, schemes, scams and if it seems all too good to be true, maybe it is.  Do not allow the love of money to ruin your life.  Submit your life totally to Jesus Christ; be contented and trust God to provide for you and your family.  In Hebrew 13:5 it states “Let your conversation be without covetousness; and be content with such things as ye have: for He hath said, I will never leave thee, nor forsake thee.”

Christians beware!  In dealing with financial matters, if you get a check in your spirit, wait, take some time and seek God further before making decisions.  Sometimes we have to wait on God but it is better to do that than to make decisions and then get into jail.

Saints of God, God is calling us to war in the Spirit in prayer against this spirit of greed that is rooted in the love of money; that is on the rise in our territory.  Let us pray earnestly and fervently.  Our prayers avail much.

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  1. August 4, 2010

    My correction

    I meant to say: or it always seem as if it is the most painful thing they will ever do

    Also: they are not telling us it is wrong to have money

  2. August 4, 2010

    As we follow with the Richardsons, whether we post a comment or not, let us stay focus with their theme of the article, which is THE LOVE OF MONEY. Many of us may be confusing that theme with having money itself. There are many people who have a lot of money, but they give generously. Others are just as rich but they are miserly.

    The Richardsons spoke about people using money to buy expensive stuff, but I do not think that those people are money lovers, those people love to show off material things, which also needs money to get those things, but that too, can still keep them separated from God, since material things are also idols–other kinds of gods.

    A woman who loves money does not spend $500.00 on a purse, no matter how much she likes it. But if she is a show-off, and she has the $500.00 she will buy the purse. And that is another kind of bad attitude in the sight of God, which is also very foolish.

    Money should be considered a necessity, meaning that we need it to provide for our food, clothing, and shelter, to pay for ours or our children’s’ education, health, and other social affairs; maybe surpassing those issues a bit, to keep ourselves presentable to relatives and friends. Of course, since we do not know how much of money we will need for an emergency or the rainy days, we should put some aside.

    But there are people who love money so much, that they are afraid to spend it when they have it; or it always seem as the most painful thing they ever have to do. And if they do not have it, they will demonstrate all sorts of gruesome attitude and conducts just to get it. For example the mafia man will pay a certain man hundreds of thousands of dollars to kill another person; that man ends up becoming a professional killer for the exchange of large amounts money. That is what the love of money is about.

    The love of money is about having money that we cherish like a great god. We do not even want to spend it to buy something that we really need; much more for giving some of it to our community church, or to a charity group, or even to lend someone who is really in need, a small bit of the large amount that we have.

    The love of money influences hatred, jealousy, and disharmony among those of us who are even husband and wife, mother and father, brother and sister; much worse for strangers among us. That is the reason we need to know the difference between having money, spending money, and loving money.

    It is not a sin to have money. Spending money that we already have is not exactly loving it. If I give away something that I have in exchange for another thing, I did not love the thing that I gave away. I would compare that with giving away $500.00 in exchange for a women’s purse or handbag. It would be the purse or handbag that I love, not the $500.00. But then I foolishly spend a lot of money on a piece of material that would not make me look greater than if I had paid $50.00 for it.

    So as we follow with the Richardsons as they speak to us about the love of money, bear in mind that they are telling us that it is wrong to have money, they should not even mean that we do not spend whatever amount of money that we can afford to spend. But we should be careful not to let money be a conflict of strife and discord in our lives; for that is what the love of money does.

  3. Watcher
    August 3, 2010

    Hello The Richardsons

    Amen and you know I was looking to Part 2 after my comments on Part 1. Hope there is a continuation…. Part 3. Everyone please read carefully since we are surrounded by this “love of money and doing anything for money” the scourges ared indicated in this article. Together with the Richardsons let us pray for our children and Nations.. Let us come against the wicked spirits of greed which causing our young men to die and our young women not to use their bodies for the glory of the Father as the Temple of the Holy Spirit. People be warned our Heavenly Father is watching over us and let us do our best to heal our various Nations.

  4. Way to go
    August 3, 2010

    We have too many examples right next door to all of us. Problem is we do not manufacture any of these material things in DA so our $ fly away.

  5. Chavez Jr.
    August 3, 2010


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