All Saints moved back to Dominica after temporarily relocating to St. Vincent post Maria. Facebook photo 

Over 20 medical students of the All Saints University School of Medicine received their White Coats on Saturday.

The University which has been in operation since 2006, had relocated to St Vincent following Hurricane Maria.

“We are glad to be back in Dominica, All Saints motherland. As we continue to sympathize with the country and the people, we experienced great loss due to the passage of Hurricane Maria,” Dean of Basic Medicine at the All Saint’s University, Dr Anzhelika Ivasenko said while addressing the ceremony. “We must recognize the tremendous work that has been done at all levels in the country, the efforts that have been made by the government to restore normal life.”

She continued, “We can clearly see that Dominica is on its way to recovery and restoration and it will rise again.”

She advised students to ensure that the white colour on their white coats reminds them of their physician professional duties and responsibility.

“Your White Coat is going to stay short during this time to indicate that you are a Doctor in training,” she stated. “May the length of your coat remind you to be humble and to take every opportunity to learn from your interns, from your fellow colleagues, from all the Healthcare professionals you work with.”

She added, “Your White Coats have pockets, fill them with reference books, reference cards, index cards with patients’ information and journal articles.”