Dr. Yusuf giving ASU contribution to PM Skerrit. 

All Saints University School of Medicine has reassured the Government and People of Dominica that the school will be returning to the island by May 2018.

President of the All Saints, Dr Joshua Yusuf, made the disclosure at a cheque presentation and discourse with the Prime Minister of the Commonwealth of Dominica, Hon. Roosevelt Skerrit, on December 19, 2017.

Since October, after the passage of Hurricane Maria, All Saints students have been temporarily relocated to St Vincent, although all staff have been retained and are working at the Dominica Campus.

Dr Yusuf said that the students could not return in January 2018 for the Winter Semester, as hoped, due to a shortage of rooms, however, the school has projected its return for May 2018.  He said the students will return to the island in phases during the Winter Semester, and all students will be back on Island by May.

To show their continued support and desire to invest in the country, the All Saints University School of Medicine made a donation to the Government of Dominica in the amount of $100,000ECD to help Dominicans with relief efforts.

Work on the Warner Expansion is expected to continue in the course of the new year.

The University is asking all persons with apartments for rent, to kindly contact the school so that the number of rooms for housing students and faculty can be achieved in a timely manner.  Their contact numbers are (767) 440-5220 or (767) 245-2643.

The University took this time to wish all Dominicans the very best for the end of the year and for 2018. Sincerest sympathies were also extended to all who lost family members and property during the Hurricane Maria ordeal.