Jyme Bridges approaching the finish line with Andrew Norbert close behind. Photo compliments Robert T. M. Tonge Facebook page.

Athlete Jyme Bridges, from Antigua and Barbuda, has won the OECS Cycling Competition 2017, after traversing a distance of over ninety kilometres from the Pottersville Savannah to the Cabrits then back to the Pottersville Savannah in three hours, twenty-nine point three zero seconds (3.00:29.30)

Dominica’s participants, Bram Sanderson and Chester (Daddy Chess) Letang came in at positions 16 and 20 respectively.

The top five cyclists are listed below:

First place- Jyme Bridges of Antigua and Barbuda

Second place- Andrew Norbert of St. Lucia

Third place- Marvin Spencer of Antigua and Barbuda

Fourth place- Jeffery Kelsick of Antigua and Barbuda

Fifth place- Emmanuel Gayral of Antigua and Barbuda

View video of winner below.

The full results of the event are listed below.

Download (PDF, 516KB)