On 20 October 2017, Dominica News Online published a false article entitled “St Kitts-
Nevis PM now revealed to hold Dominica diplomatic passport” on its website.

The article contained numerous alleged, false statements about Prime Minister Dr the Hon Timothy Harris, as well as a falsified image of a diplomatic Dominican passport issued in the Prime Minister’s name.

We did not contact the Prime Minister before publishing the article, nor did we have the image independently verified prior to posting it online. Dominica News Online has no basis to believe that the Prime Minister holds a passport issued by a country other than St Kitts and Nevis. We have been informed that the only passport that the Prime Minister holds –and has ever held –is one issued by St Kitts and Nevis.

We apologize without reservation to the Prime Minister Dr the Hon Timothy Harris for all the harm caused to him and his reputation by our actions in publishing this erroneous article. We also sincerely apologize for not having contacted the Prime Minister to get his side of the story prior to publishing the article, and the statements and images therein.

Additionally, we at DNO seek to make it abundantly clear that the above-mentioned article was not posted with any malicious intent. We re-published an article from a source which we consider a credible one. The re-publishing of the statements therein were, again, not meant to defame the Honorable Prime Minister Dr. Timothy Harris. To that end, we have included a link to an article published by the original source, which outlines Prime Minister Harris’ response to the matter at hand: