Skerrit said his responsibility to help the poor is biblical

Skerrit said his responsibility to help the poor is biblical

Prime minister Roosevelt Skerrit has vowed to continue social services initiated by his government saying he has a ‘biblical responsibility to help the poor.’

“It is not about politics,” he told the Kairi’s Next Level program earlier this week. “It is about a responsibility that I have as a leader to try my best in the circumstances and use the resources the Lord has made available to myself and this country to help the poor.”

Some of the government’s social services were criticized by the leader of the United Workers Party (UWP), Lennox Linton, who said they were delivered on a political basis to some while hundreds are left unassisted.

The prime minister said Linton’s statements differentiates the Dominica Labour Party (DLP) from the UWP. “They have always criticized the Yes We Care program,” he said. “They are not a caring party. They were not a caring government when they were in office … they were preoccupied with themselves.”

According to the prime minister, the UWP does not ‘know what compassionate is.’

“And besides as a leader, I have the responsibility to help improve the lives of people,” he stated. “I also believe that I have a biblical responsibility, a Christian responsibility to help the poor.”