Bishop Malzaire

Bishop of Roseau, His Lordship Gabriel Malzaire has reminded couples of their responsibilities in maintaining a strong and healthy marriage.

He spoke at a World Marriage Day celebration at the Portsmouth Roman Catholic Church on Sunday.

Bishop Malzaire said spouses are not meant to do as they please pointing out that sometimes, persons who are in a marriage, live as individuals.

“Whatever vocation that we have, as I have always explained, it is meant to free us. Now freedom does not mean doing whatever we want, because once we get into a relationship we cannot do whatever we want. I cannot in a marriage, live like a saka boy. Saka boy days are finished once I get into a marriage. You are not the same in both ways for the woman or the man.”

He continued, “You are taking up a responsibility that is helping you to transcend this life, to prepare you for something greater.  Just think of what happens in marriage: two people come together: they bear fruit. Children come; families come. Your family expands. God wants to broaden our horizon not so we can live as individuals. Sometimes we are in marriage but we live as individuals, this is not what it is meant to be.  God wants you to broader, to experience more and love more that’s what it is.”

The celebration was organized by the Marriage and Engaged Encounter communities in Dominica.

Activities for the occasion included the presentation of awards, other forms of recognition and prizes.

DNO will bring you more on the World Marriage celebration in a subsequent  story.

Part of the congregation at the Portsmouth Catholic Church on Sunday February 10