Barbados PM Mia Mottley & Adtalem CEO Lisa Wardell at press conference announcing Ross’s move to Barbados

In a joint press conference held with Lisa W. Wardell president and CEO of Adtalem Global Education ,the parent company of Ross University, Mia Motley Prime Minister of Barbados has announced that Ross University will be moving to their shores.

Wardell said that the Ross University School of Medicine (RUSM) considers Dominican people as part of the Ross family and that “Prime Minister SKerrit is both a partner and a friend to Adtalem Global Education.” She further stated, “As a CEO I sometimes have to make very difficult decisions it is with a heavy heart I make the decision to leave Dominica.” She went on, “…But my job is to position RUSM for the future and for us the future is Barbados”

Motley announced the possibility of providing scholarships to Dominican students in Barbados. This is in keeping with Prime Minister Skerrit’s disclosure in his announcement today of the Ross departure that Dominica had sought to ensure that Ross will continue to provide scholarships to Dominican students.

Watch full video of press conference  *the conference starts at 14 minutes and 8 seconds into the video*