Officials of Digicel and Government of Dominica at signing ceremony for 15 year partnership

Jobs, investment and economic growth to come from transformational project

Dominicans are set to reap the rewards of the 15- year partnership signed last week between ICT managed services provider Digicel, and the Government of the Commonwealth of Dominica.

With the technology partnership catapulting the country and its people to the forefront of the knowledge economy and enabling the Government to introduce innovative cutting edge digital services, reduce its ICT costs, improve productivity and create new revenue streams, there’s also good news for everyday Dominicans with the transformational project bringing direct and indirect employment, fostering the creation of indigenous SMEs, increasing levels of foreign direct investment with the resulting trickledown effect  – and an overall positive bump to GDP.

Multiple studies show a direct link between increases in broadband penetration and upticks in GDP and this project will see Dominica on track to record a 4% annual increase in GDP in the coming years. That, in addition to the 20 plus direct full time jobs and 70 plus indirect jobs that will be created with an estimated XCD20 million spend with local contractors working on infrastructure deployment and installation, ladders up to a project that significantly stands to benefit Dominicans from all walks of life.

Commenting on the transformational technology partnership, Digicel Dominica CEO, Nikima Royer Jno Baptiste, said; “This is future thinking at its best. It’s so exciting to be spearheading a project that will do so much to enhance the lives of Dominicans and supercharge our economy. We’re delighted to be bringing jobs, investment and a new technology dawn to Dominica.”

Exchange between Digicel officials and Minister for Telecommunications Hon. Kelver Darroux – (Digicel CEO – Centre)