Fine Foods is excited to announce the opening of its newest retail location, “Best Price”.  Best Price is located in the former Save a lot building on River Bank next to KFC. In Best Price you will find your favorite household and hardware items from J.E.Nassief, great brands from Fine Foods, and some of the best priced grocery items you know from Save a lot.

Although the business was severely affected by Hurricane Maria, Fine Foods has injected millions of dollars to regain operations, and while we are still a work in progress we continue to see improvements every day. We have listened to the voices of our loyal Save a Lot customers to reopen and continue to offer great value, through quality, service and price.

Mathilda Dejean, General Manager of Fine Foods Retail shared, “Reopening our retail outlet where people continue to save a lot, ‘Best Price’ embodies our objective in being a provider of quality products and services in Dominica.  It is also an exciting moment for management and staff to regain operations to some sort of normalcy. Our aim is also to be a resilient business to support economic development by bringing diverse job opportunities to the island. Fine Foods will continue to operate in the former Hara location as well.  Over the next couple weeks, be on the lookout for weekly improvements and for your favorite items returning to the shelves.  Stay tuned for Save a lot Supermarket to be coming back even better, bigger, in a new location very soon.

Best Price – where people ‘save a lot’! Come check it out and watch it get better and better.


About Fine Foods

Fine Foods was established in 2007 and has grown steadily over the years through the development of unique brands and diversification of the segments in which it operates including food, beverages and household products.

Fine Foods’ portfolio includes beverage brands covering the portfolio of Angostura, such as White Oak, Black Label and 1919 Rums and also the world renowned Angostura Bitters; the complete PepsiCo portfolio, Libby’s International, Giant and Hyper Malt, Ting, Blue Waters and Roberts product line to include Sunflower, Dove, Mello Kreem spreads and more . The food and non-food selection of Fine Foods encompasses brands such as Frito Lay, Heinz, Filiz Pasta, Distinction Milk and more. Fine Foods also has a growing segment dedicated to household representing brands such as Clean and White Bleach among other products.