Tuesday, September 11th, 2018: With the potential threat of Tropical Storm Isaac bearing down on Dominica over the next couple of days, Fine Foods, the biggest distributor in Dominica, has put its hurricane contingency plan into high gear and has ensured that everything is in place to manage its businesses and the expectation of its customers, vendors and employees.

Primarily, Fine Foods has ensured that all of its vendors and customers are fully stocked with goods and ready to supply the general public with supplies.

Fine Foods Senior Management Team will continue to monitor and track the storm as it forms.

We are urging everyone to take all the necessary precautionary measures to prepare for the storm in the likelihood that it seriously affects our island.

Head of Distribution and Marketing of Fine Foods, Nathalie Walsh, comments: “We encourage the general public to stay safe. Ensure that you secure your buildings and are fully stocked with dry food, wáter and medical ítems.”