Serge L’homme with children of Salybia Primary

Last December 18, L’Homme Business Heritage Group led by the “Spiceman” himself Serge L’Homme took the 1-hour road trip from Ruins Rock Worlds Heritage Café in Roseau to the Salybia Primary School in the Kalinago Territory and conducted an outreach activity geared towards the students of Atkinson Primary School.

These Atkinson Primary School students are temporarily attending classes at the Salybia Primary School after hurricane Maria heavily damaged their own school buildings. They received school supplies, clothes, and other items that can help them in their studies and their daily lives.

In his short message, L’Homme encouraged the students to remain strong and resilient and assured them that everything will become even much better soon.  He also told them that as young as they are now, they should already think of ways to be able to contribute meaningfully to the development of the Kalinago territory.  He further urged them to make it a lifelong mission for them to make the territory a much better place than what they were born into.

“We were sent on Earth with gifts and talents to deliver positive impact to our present generation and also the next generation. Our gifts and talents are not for us to keep; everything on Earth – trees, water, plants, fruits – was given to mankind so therefore, mankind was also given to develop mankind.” L’Homme likewise said in his short talk.

Donald Bercasio of Madhausx with children


Children of Salybia primary

After the outreach activity, L’Homme beamed with joy and optimism as he also confirmed to the Madhausx team that that outreach activity was just the first of the many similar activities his group plans to conduct in the coming days. He expressed his happiness being able to make the children smile, most of whom lost their houses and belongings and suffered through some traumatic experiences brought about by Hurricane Maria which devastated the whole Kalinago territory. He was also thankful to all those who contributed to the outreach, including his family members who are based abroad.

“Our children are our precious treasures.  We all need to do our part to nurture, protect and help them grow so they become a better version of ourselves and ensure a brighter future for our beloved Dominica.  So that’s why my group with the help our family and friends is committed to continue to offer help in our own humble way.” L’Homme explained.

L’Homme further announced that from thereon, all businesses under his L’Homme Business Heritage Group will allot a portion of their revenues for the other outreach activities his group plans to initiate in the future, including part of the gains from their events like the recently ended Rum Fest last December 22nd and the upcoming New Year’s Celebration and Countdown this December 31st at the famous Ruins Rock Worlds Heritage Café.

The nation’s students certainly still have a long way to go before they could go back to a level of normalcy that is conducive for optimal learning but L’Homme Business Heritage Group head Serge L’Homme expressed his group’s commitment to be with them the entire way.

“We all still have a long way to go after hurricane Maria, especially our children, but I can say we are ready to take the long trip with them.” the Spiceman declared just as he took the driver’s seat on the way back to Roseau.


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