Serge L’Homme, head of the L’Homme Business Heritage Group, confirmed that Hi-Rise Beach, a popular spot for tourists will reopen by the end of January.

The place was almost destroyed by Hurricane Maria and was closed since its passage to be rebuilt. It is located at the corner of Dame Eugenia Charles Blvd & Bow Lane by the Bayfront.

It was originally known as just Hi-Rise Beach Bar but will soon carry the brand name Hi-Rise Beach Restaurant & Bar.

“As the whole country rebuilds after Maria, we at Hi-Rise Beach decided to not just rebuild structurally but to also rebuild in terms of how we can try to better serve our market and to contribute more powerfully in our tourism industry this time around. We want to upgrade ourselves from who we were before the disaster struck.” L’Homme explained.

Working with an international strategic branding expert, L’Homme expounded that the rebranding process will be scientific, holistic and innovative.

“Definitely, more than shallowly changing the name. We hope to go deep and far and play the game better. It’s not going to be easy and not going to be a quick fix. But we are just determined to become a better player in the industry.” L’Homme enthused.

In line with this, according to L’Homme, his group has announced a new round of hiring of new employees who will become part of the retooling process and the eventual re-launch of Hi-Rise Beach.  L’Homme’s group is also looking for applicants for its other spots, Ruins Rock Worlds Heritage Café and the Caribbean Magic Spice shop.

“It is also our way of offering opportunities to qualified Dominicans who are looking for jobs or have probably lost their jobs after the passage of Maria and are looking for a fresh start” L’Homme stated.

Meantime, the strategic branding and creative agency Madhausx that is working with the L’Homme Business Heritage Group has this to say, “With Hi-Rise Beach, we want to do everything to make a meaningful splash, even though we may be starting out as a small fish in a big pond.”

L’Homme noted that interested applicants looking for more information, may visit and like their facebook page “L’Homme Business Heritage Group”.