Dominican livestock Farmers now have a healthier, more consistent, more natural animal feed choice for their livestock.

CariFeed Inc., a Dominican registered animal feed company, is now making their research proven, probiotic feed, available in Dominica.

The feed contains Direct Feed Microbial’s (DFM’s), which are probiotics that are fed to animals.  These DFM’s are researched and chosen due to their many benefits, including to enhance the immune system of the animal, decrease pathogens in the environment and the gut of the animal, and help with overall health of the animal.  Farmers of the Nature Isle who use CariFeed will see significant improvements in overall production which leads to a more profitable farm. The goal of many Probiotics is to eliminate antibiotics in our food stream which has an ill effect on livestock, humans, and the environment. People do not even realize the overuse of antibiotics in conventional livestock rearing, which in the end is in our food and is consumed by every one of us. The overuse of antibiotics leads to a higher incidence of antibiotic resistance in animals and humans. By consuming foods laced with antibiotics, we are putting ourselves and our family’s health at risk. Very poor-quality feed that contains very high levels of antibiotics can cause some serious damage to the food industry and our health.

In July of this year, CariFeed held an educational conference in Dominica at the Goodwill Parish Hall. It was well attended by livestock Farmers, some business men and women, a few staff from the ministry of Agriculture and Forestry, and some local consumers. At the conference, Chief Microbiologist Marianne Bellot delivered a lecture and presentation on the importance of Good Farming Practices, Good Management Practice and good book keeping practices. CariFeed is hopeful to help get the livestock Industry in Dominica to a robust and growing state to allow Dominica to be self-sufficient in providing all the pork and poultry products needed on island.  “In order to make this happen, we need all hands-on deck”, said CariFeed President Jeff Bellot. Bellot believes this is something that can be achieved very easily if the ministry of Agriculture takes this seriously and invests in the livestock farmers.

Furthermore, there must be law in place to protect the local livestock farmers from imported products, which can be a win, win situation for everyone.  If we can get our farmers to take this seriously and the Government can support this initiative, we can have a blooming livestock business in Dominica and even look at growing our export market. This growing industry can easily bring some 2,000 new jobs to the Island.

CariFeed will provide technical support to Farmers free of charge and will give a best farmer award yearly.  The winner of the best Farmer award will be based on farm performance, Good Farming Practices, Good Management Practices and Good Book Keeping. The winner will get a free trip to the USA to attend The World Pork Expo and/or the International Poultry Association Conference.

CariFeed would also like to thank the Management and Staff of H.H.V. Whitchurch for their continued support to the local Farmers of Dominica in purchasing a significant amount of their livestock products. We would also like to encourage the Dominican public to eat local and healthy for a better, stronger, and healthier Dominica.

CariFeed is available at Bethel Farms in Salisbury and is at a better price than the other imported feed on the Island.  Farmers can contact 767-616-2403 for free delivery of the feed on the Island.

Or visit  you can even reach us directly at 767-316-6578 for technical questions.