Ronnie Harper owns “Magic Garden” located on Kennedy Avenue across from Prevo Cinemall and Island’s Ice cream

Ronnie Harper, aged 53, originally from Marigot, is the owner of a small business, “Magic Garden”, which focuses on using herbs and spices to create oils and creams that can be used for medical purposes which he refers to as ‘natural healing’. He has been producing locally made products for fifteen years.

Before entering this business, Harper was a local vendor in the tourism industry but soon came to the realization that the Island was full of local herbs and spices that could be used for our own benefit and healing. Therefore, he learned about the different processes of how each could be made into oils and creams that can be used to help with different medical issues such as strokes and back pains, amongst others.  With this added knowledge, he made the processes his own and ensures that no artificial ingredients are added to maintain the natural strength and scent of the herbs.

“Natural is the way to go now! If we were to go back in time, our mothers and grandmothers only used natural herbs and other natural things to cook and do everything they wanted to do, we have to take care of ourselves and we need to stop eating foods like bread and tin foods and avoid using products that are filled with chemicals,” Harper believes.

Selection of natural products by Ronnie Harper

The entrepreneur’s goal is to expand his business and he has already begun by shipping one of his products to people in Guadeloupe, America and Saudi Arabia. This product can also be found at the Jolly’s Pharmacy in the hair section and the product’s name is Miracle Hair.

Harper wishes to grow his business on a wider scale but in order to that for that he says, “the government needs to assist and provide funds to the entrepreneurs and small business for the people around the country; They should invest in a factory or warehouse where they are able to go and get their products done.”

He wishes that he could no longer do the work by hand and hopes to find financial help to fully develop his business.

Magic Garden can be contacted via phone at 767 614 9360/767 265 9673