Lambert makes a point at Wednesday press conference

Lambert makes a point at Wednesday’s press conference

Over 400 unemployed Dominicans can now breath with relief as call center, Clear  Harbor, is now in the process of hiring new employees as part of an expansion process.

On Wednesday, Chief Operations Officer, Brian Lambert, announced at the company’s Canefield office that it had secured two new clients to its portfolio, in the area of Telecommunication and Insurance in the United States.

He said when the company announced last year that it was making 243 of its employees redundant because it had lost some of its clients, he made it his “personal objective to make sure that every one of those men and women from the island of Dominica was able to come back to work.”

He noted the addition of the two new clients, “will allow us to not only bring back the 243, but to be able to offer 400 jobs on the island of Dominica.”

He said with current positions and the new ones that are coming in, Clear Harbor will have in excess of 700 employees, “which is the highest point that we have been in employees here in eight years.”

Lambert pointed out that the process of rehiring the redundant workers has already begun.

“We have brought back 60 of the original employees,” he said. “They are now in training, and we will be bringing the rest of the employees back in phases.”

He said the process will be done in four phases.

At the end of March, 88 new employees will be brought in, by the end of April, 118, at the end of June, 118, and the final 88 employees will come in July, according to Lambert.

Meantime Prime Minister Roosevelt Skerrit, who said that he had to cut short his trip to a summit in Cuba, described the news as exciting.

“This is no doubt very exciting news for Dominica, and for the number of unemployed young people we have in the country, and also on the economy,” he said.

He said Clear Harbor has been an excellent investor, transparent in it operations, and it has had an extraordinary relationship with Dominica over the past eight years.

He also recommitted the government’s willingness to partner with the company.