The 2012/2013 Budget will continue a trend of putting people first, according to Prime Minister Roosevelt Skerrit.

He is expected to present the fiscal package in parliament on July 17.

“Certainly we are mindful of some of the challenges confronting our people and in the budget you will see contained some measures towards addressing some of the concerns that people have been raising from time to time,” PM Skerrit, who will be presenting his ninth budget since assuming office in 2004, said.

The Prime Minister says a decline in revenue and increase in expenditure are major factors which will be taken into consideration in the upcoming budget.

“Clearly the budget is being prepared against the backdrop of what is happening around the world. We have to be mindful of the challenges confronting us. We have seen in some cases a drop in revenue and an increase in expenditure”.

The prime minister while conceding that the budget will not address all the challenges confronting the country, said it would take into consideration aspects of Dominica’s growth and social protection strategy (GSPS).

“We have a GSPS-Growth and Social Protection Strategy which informs us of what we can do to improve the economic fortunes of the country and so we are following that GSPS and the budget is being prepared within the framework and the context of that GSPS,” he said.