ROSEAU-DOMINICA- “Maria is on Santa’s naughty list”. The annual naughty or nice list has been revealed; that means Christmas is here. In Dominica, a prominent business is hoping that the spirit of Christmas will lessen Maria’s wrath. In a bid for a return to normalcy after the historic hurricane wreaked havoc in the city, Jolly’s Pharmacy reopened its doors on Great George Street. After a three month hiatus caused by Hurricane Maria, Jolly’s Great George Street branch has been rebranded for the Christmas season as the Jolly’s Toy Store.

“Three months has been too long”, remarked Malcolm Pendenque, Marketing Supervisor. “Children will dance with exuberance as they get lost in a world made for them and I’m very excited,” said Mr. Pendenque, adding that the store now looks, “bigger and better”.

On Tuesday’s opening, children and parents were equally hyped creating the perfect ambience for the comeback of the city’s beloved toy store. The newly renovated store boasts a wide variety of products including birthday supplies, educational toys, Disney figures, musical sets, drones and much, much more.

Reopening a toy store in a country that has suffered so much loss can be surprising but the support has been overwhelming. Many people have been inquiring about its return this year in the wake of all the devastation.

According to Mr. Pendenque, “Toys may not be a necessity like buying water or food, however, for many people, it’s a way of coping with the situation”.

Stroll down Great George Street to this enchanting place and you’d never know a category 5 monster just ripped through the city. For all your pharmaceutical needs, visit Jolly’s Pharmacy on 8 King George V Street where you will also be amazed by our convenient grocery section. We look forward to creating a JOLLY shopping experience for our customers as we offer an expanded assortment of quality, fresh products.

Jolly’s Toy Store is located at 37 Great George Street and is open from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. on weekdays and 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. on Saturday.

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