Miss Babylis

Babylis has a new face- Meet Simone Moses. A 10-year-old who hails from the cultural driven, stunning and serene village of Riviere Cyrique. A student of the Morne Jaune Primary school, she was unveiled as a contestant in the Rotaract 2017 Carnival Princess show. The sashing, which took place at The Morne Jaune Primary School on January 19th was attended by parents, supporters and off course representatives of her Sponsor-Jolly’s Manufacturing.

Sabrina Royer, representative of Jolly’s manufacturing said, “Jolly’s saw it fit to sponsor Simone as a form of social responsibility and to solidify the bond between Jolly’s and the community. As a paragon of health and wellness, Babylis; a household name in Dominica easily identified with Simone.”

The show will take place on Sunday ,12th February 2017 and Jolly’s Pharmacy is urging the general public to go out and support the students as they play their part in cultural development.

Jolly’s Manufacturing is a subsidiary of the parent company, Jolly’s Pharmacy and has a presence on the local and regional market. Babylis is a well known brand in existence for over 30 years and its line of products includes Babylis nursety jelly, Babylis cream, Babylis deodorant, Babylis kids deodorant and Babylis soaps.