Ever thought of getting the perfectly tailored suit for a special occasion, or just tired of your jeans waist not fitting properly while the other areas are just a perfect trim?

Well, with his motto of ’efficiency and durability’ with the people in mind, one tailor/vendor in town is here to supply those needs.

Located in Pottersville, a mere 10-minute walk from the city of Roseau, Kings Garments sit as a cozy-like sewing shop on Steber Street.  Run by an amicable Haitian-Dominican Petit-Louis Acceus, Kings Garments specializes in all that involves sewing: men and women clothing, chair-covering, outside jobs, repairs, and renting of jackets.

Plus, ever had to go to a function and after walking all over town just settle for a shabby dress?

The King

No more, Petit-Louis, who likes to be called “King”, and his staffm, will cut that dress or suit for you and hand it back to you within hours.  Oh yes, you can just sit and wait.  Don’t need to go through the hustle to get cloth, they also provide the material, in other words one could just place his/her order and later pick up.

As was the financial difficulty in starting up the business, King says that presently also, the same problem of allocating funds poses itself now that he is ready for expansion. Presently having a staff of eight persons, this small business entrepreneur is still looking towards to helping even more persons gain employment through opening their own sewing shops.

King’s future goal is to offer classes where persons can learn various sewing skills.

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