Paul spoke at a town hall meeting recently

Minister for Commerce, Enterprise and Small Business Development, Roselyn Paul has announced that government has just approved $1-million facility at the Agricultural Industrial and Development (AID) Bank for the benefit of musicians on the island.

It will be available to musicians at two percent interest with a one-year grace period.

She said the money was made available from the revenue of the Citizenship By Investment (CBI) Program and the plan is to ensure that government reinvest that money into sustainable livelihoods

“The government has just approved $1-million to be placed at the AID Bank towards music,” she announced. “Musicians will now be able to go to the bank, the artiste will now be able to go to the bank … it is to promote the creative industries at 2 percent interest and one year grace period.”

Paul the government is working with manufacturers and the intention right now is to put a similar facility in place, “targeting manufacturers and agro-processors.”

“We are using the money to re-invest in our people,” she stated.