Workers at Clear Harbor. Photo by GIS

Workers at Clear Harbor. Photo by GIS

Local call center, Clear Harbor, has announced that it has re-hired all available staff made redundant in September, 2013.

Additionally the company said it plans to add some 130 employees over the next month and is projecting to hire a further 110 by the end of 2014, making it the largest number of staff ever employed in Dominica.

Six months ago Clear Harbor announced plans to hire 400 employees, with rehiring those made redundant in 2013 as part of the goal.

“To date, we have accomplished this goal by re-hiring all redundant staff that was available to return to full time employment with Clear Harbor,” the company said on Thursday. “This brings the current number of Clear Harbor Associates to 568.”

The company noted this is part of its growth plan announced in January 2014 and stated it is all “on track and on schedule.”

Chief Operating Officer of Clear Harbor, Brian Lambert said it is with “great personal pleasure” the announcement was made to re-hire all those made redundant.

“We are proud of the success that each of our associates has had over this past six months as they have helped us expand our presence here in Dominica,” he said. “With such a great team in place we are very optimistic concerning continued growth now and in the years to come.”