Calypso House in Bath Estate

Calypso House in Bath Estate

The dust has now settled and the figures are being put together for the 2015 Calypso season.

While many claim that the Dominica Calypso Association (DCA) may have had a financially good season, officials of the DCA are disputing that.

Preliminary figures from the association indicate that the three shows staged during the Calypso season may have netted about EC$175,000.

However with VAT and the payment of prizes to the calypsonians, the net amount is minimal, officials say.

“We have to pay the band, plus at the quarters we will have to pay those who did not advance and at the semis those who did not make it to the finals, plus a number of other expenses including security etc …” one official of the DCA stated.

Narrin Murphy is performing the duties of assistant treasurer and is the one who deals with the logistics of the finance and armbands.

He explained that contrary to popular belief, the DCA does not make a whole lot of money.

“When I was on the outside, I was of the same notion but getting in there and seeing it for myself is a totally different thing,” he said.

VAT, he explained, takes a major chunk of the cash earned by the DCA.

“We have to pay government almost 50 grand and by the time we pay our expenses, we are left with nothing,” he stated.

“The King gets EC$20,000…plus you have the other top places and then those who did not place all have to be compensated,” Murphy, himself a calypsonian, explained. “At the semi finals 1,400 tickets were sold at $35.00 and at the finals 3,700 at $80.00, plus mandatory complimentary tickets can’t be avoided, plus the VAT. The large crowd estimated is grossly overstated.”

Murphy stated that while they are still in the process of putting the final figures together, it was “not a good year for the DCA.”

“The figures are there and the auditors will also verify them,” he said. “We are open and operate above board for all to see.”

He said that while DCA would have liked to increase the prize of the Calypso King, the gate receipts and the VAT issue make it impossible to do so at this time.