L-R: Evandelle Fontaine – DHL Courier/Customer Service/Airport Operations, Reuben Emmanuel - DHL Courier/Airport Operations, Andy Williams – DHL Supervisor, Macauley Guye – DHL Courier/Customer Service/Airport Operations, Damian Whitchurch-Aird – DHL Manager. Jane Ann Joseph - DHL Accounts Clerk seated.

DHL Dominica, represented by H.H.V. Whitchurch & Co. Ltd., received the DHL 2009 Country Award for Operations Business Function for the Caribbean.  The DHL Caribbean incorporates eighteen territories, including the Bahamas, Cayman Islands and Guyana.  The DHL territories are measured on a monthly basis via reports respective to the nature of the award.

In a presentation chaired by Managing Director, Gerry Aird, at Whitchurch’s Offices, the DHL Team of Andy Williams, Macaulay Guye, Evandelle Fontaine, Reuben Emmanuel and Jane Ann Joseph alongside DHL Manager, Damian Whitchurch-Aird, were recognized for their 2009 outstanding operational performance.

Whitchurch congratulates their DHL Team on their hard work and efforts.