Stanton promises improved service at SAT

Stanton promises improved service at SAT

Manager of SAT Telecoms and Country manager of Digicel, Richard Stanton has assured customers of SAT  that they are in for “bigger, better service.”

Stanton told reporters after a promotional giveaway at SAT’s office on Friday that Digicel, which purchased SAT earlier this year, will improve the company’s television network.

“Our modus operandi as a business is to make sure we offer the best value and high quality services, so our customers can expect and be content that the television will improve,” he said. “They can also expect improvement in the internet broadband packages.”

He said although “it is a big task” customers should see improvements in the next eight to 12 months.

He noted that Digicel will also be improving SAT’s office to improve customer experience.

“People that know me and know the Digicel business will see that what we are trying to do is make it a nice place for the staff to work in and a nice place for the customers to come too,” he said. “We’re making further improvements with some paint, some TVs for the customers to look at while they wait in line. It is just a small step to make customers feel more valued and more important to the company.”

Five SAT customers, Melinda Flora of Tranto, Danny Fergus of Bath Estate, Celcian Antoine of Petite Savanne, Rosetta Tavernier from Scotts Head and Francis Edwards from La Plaine were lucky winners in the first SAT giveaway since Digicel took over.

The prizes, valued at $15,000, ranged from a Blackberry Smart phone, $200 shopping vouchers from Whitchurch and tablets.

Stanton said this was one way of saying ‘thank you’ to customers. He said they should expect more promotions all year round.

In February Digicel purchased SAT Telecoms, in a move that was described as a good one.