Damaged communication lines after Hurricane Maria

Telecommunication company, Digicel, has revealed that up to 80 percent of its customers are now connected to its networks since the passage of Hurricane Maria.

At a press briefing on Tuesday, CEO of Digicel Dominica Nikima Royer-Jno. Baptiste said 34 of the company’s cell sites are providing service.

She gave a list of areas receiving service, although she said coverage extends beyond the specific points.

According to Royer-Jno Baptiste, the following areas are receiving service from Digicel.

Grand Savanne
Morne Bruce
New Ford Estate
Paix Bouche
Fond Cole
Scotts Head
Woodford Hill
Morne Frigate
Douglas Pointe
Vieille Case
Castle Comfort

“All of these represents 80 percent of customers connected back on to our network,” Royer-Jno Baptiste said.

She stated that the company has provided connectivity to 30 ICT customers.

“In an effort to provide service to de-centralized customers, those located outside of Roseau, we are also deploying an air-fiber solution and that should be available in very short order, later this week we should be connecting our first customers,” she said.

Meanwhile, Royer-Jno Baptiste said Digicel is committed to rebuilding Dominica after Hurricane Maria and stated that the company will assist in re-building seven primary schools and 360 homes in the eastern and southeastern part of the island.

“Our focus on helping the country to build back better has seen us committed to rebuilding seven primary schools in the Kalinago Territory, Castle Bruce and La Plaine,” she stated. “An RFP for construction work was issued on the seventh of November and this was extended to 17 local and regional contractors.”

She explained that the homes of a number of children attending the schools will be rebuilt.

“With the scope completed, we will undertake the rebuilding of around 360 homes in partnership with IsraAID and hope that with a stable home environment and appropriate educational facilities, this will be a positive initiative for the children to be really able to settle down after the trauma of Hurricane Maria,” Royer-Jno Baptiste noted.