coconutIn an effort to develop its linkages and in pursuance of Research and Development opportunities with international academic institutions, the Dominica Manufacturer’s Association will once again be collaborating with the University of Dayton, Ohio, USA, by hosting a five member group of Mechanical Engineering, Chemical Engineering and Business students for an internship period of ten (10) weeks, beginning mid-May and ending in August 2015.

Two students will be assigned to the Believers Multi-Purpose Cooperative to assist in the development of the Virgin Coconut Oil and the other three students will be assigned to the DMA to work with the Cottage Industries involved in the production of Coconut Cheese and other coconut products.

The intention is to research the possibilities of developing Coconut Cheese and other coconut products into industrial products that meet internationally acceptable standards with regards to quality, quantity, production processes and marketing. At the end of the ten week program an analysis will be made of the prospects for the products and it will then be decided in what way the University of Dayton will be able to assist for its continuing development of these products.

In addition to the students visit, the President of the University of Dayton has indicated his interest in visiting Dominica towards the end of the internship period to look at other possibilities of collaboration that may exist.

The Dominica Manufacturer’s Association considers this development as an ideal opportunity to gather relevant stakeholders willing to collaborate to this initiative.
It is indeed an opportunity to regroup expertise and resources with the aim to advance Dominica’s agro-manufacturing sector through innovation.

The Dominica Manufacturer’s Association therefore extends an open invitation to persons and cottage industries involved in the processing of coconut products to attend a preparatory meeting on Wednesday 29th April, 2015 at 2:30 p.m. at the Public Service Building on Valley Road, Roseau.