Caribbean ranking of perceived corruption by Transparency International

Dominica has been ranked 9th in the region and 41st in the world in perceived levels of corruption according to a report released Wednesday by Transparency International.

The annual report gives countries higher scores for lower levels of perceived public sector corruption.

Dominica’s score was 58 with a global ranking of 41, as opposed to the global ranking of 44 in 2011.

The index score goes from 0, meaning a country is perceived as highly corrupt, to 100, meaning it is perceived as very clean.

“Looking at the Corruption Perceptions Index 2012, it’s clear that corruption is a major threat facing humanity,” Transparency International wrote in a release. “Corruption destroys lives and communities, and undermines countries and institutions. It generates popular anger that threatens to further destabilize societies and exacerbate violent conflicts.”

The report reveals that Barbados has the lowest level of corruption in the Caribbean (score 76 with a global ranking of 15) while Haiti has the highest (score 19 or 165 global ranking).

The Bahamas and St. Lucia are tied in second place for the lowest level of corruption in the region at 22 globally (score 71), according to the report.

A total of 176 countries and territories worldwide were ranked.