Dominica, along with St. Kitts and Bulgaria, has become the fastest emerging popular immigration destinations for residents of the United Arab Emirates (UAE), according to press reports.

“The increase is tremendous,” online newspaper Emirates 24/7 quoted Pej Mohyedddin an immigration consultant at Bayat Legal Services as saying.

Bayat Legal Servces is a Business and Immigration Law firm in the UAE.

According to the newspaper the benefits of becoming a resident of Dominica are great. “There are good chances of obtaining citizenship, visa-free travel options to many countries and a fairly easy application process, with relatively little requirement from applicants,” it said.

But according to the newspaper, the program is not for everyone; only for investors. “These programs are designed for high-net worth investors whose priority is not to migrate but get citizenship or second passports,” Sohail Saleem, general manager of Premiers Consultancy in the UAE told Emirates 24/7.

The newspaper said applicants requiring citizenship in Dominica need to speak English and are required to travel to the island for an interview only once. “If the family of the immigrant is involved, a second visit is required. The citizenship and passport processing will take 5-9 months, and visa-free travel to 70 countries is guaranteed,” it said.

“This investment is non-refundable and requires a minimum of $100,000 plus government fees and due diligence for a single applicant,” explains Pej to Emirates 24/7.

With the recent announcement of the European Commission to grant visa-free travel to the Schengen area to Dominican passport holders in a bid to spur economic growth in the European Union, immigration experts in the UAE say that immigration to Dominica will only become more attractive.

The UAE is an Arab country in the southeast of the Arabian Peninsula on the Persian Gulf and has the seventh largest oil reserve in the world.