barrelDominicans expecting barrels from relatives overseas for Christmas will pay less for them when they are collected at the port.

Effective November 28, the government is giving each household the opportunity to bring in two barrels for the season without having to pay the normal customs duties and port charges to clear them.
Recipients shall also be exempt from customs import duty and customs service charge on the barrels.

The measure will remain in place until January 13, 2014, a release from the ministry of ports said.

However, the release made it clear that the programme is for items that are for personal use only. “Each barrel could contain foodstuff, clothing, toiletries and toys and the value of the items should not exceed $1,500.00 to qualify for the concession,” it said. “The items in the barrel shall be for personal use and not for commercial use.”

To avoid confusion the release defines a barrel as “non-commercial packages received in receptacles such as barrels, boxes, crates, packages and drums.”

“Recipients of barrels will be required to pay a flat port charge of $10 to the Dominica Air and Sea Ports Authority (DASPA) for charges related to handling and storing of the barrels,” the release said.