DOMLEC’s crew in action. Photo: Facebook

Dominica Electricity Services (DOMLEC) has said it is investigating a power outage on Wednesday September 6th, which left the majority of the island without electricity.

PRO of the company Adina Bellot-Valentine told state-owned DBS Radio that around 11:45 am the power plant at Fond Cole went off, leaving most of the island from Tibay, in the north down to the south without electricity.

“We have been working feverishly to find out what the problem [is] that caused the power outage,” she said. “Investigations are going on at this time.”

She said the company realized the importance of having power and some restorations were quickly done with the west coast and some areas in Roseau back on the grid.

“It has quite a way to go and it is going to take some time to be able to restore power,” Bellot-Valentine said.

She stated the company still has not identified the fault and that the process of restoration will take some time.

“So we are putting on little by little the communities that are out of power and so we really want to implore the patience of our customers,” she said.

Bellot-Valentine noted that “it is not a good thing” to lose power, especially following the passage of Hurricane Irma but promised that the company is working to get things back in order.

“I can tell the customers that we are all at the Fond Cole plant and the investigations are continuing, the technicians are there working feverishly to find out what occurred and we are happy that we have started to do some restoration and that will continue throughout the afternoon so we can get everybody back on,” she said.