water tapThe Petite Savanne community is among the first to benefit from a water conservation campaign which is being organized in light of drought conditions affecting the island.

The campaign began in the community on Wednesday night and is being organized by the Dominica Water and Sewage Company, DOWASCO.

Public Relations Officer of DOWASCO, Edward Registe, said the current drought conditions have affected the water levels at the company’s intakes and “DOWASCO, recognizing that, has seen the need to conduct community sensitization meetings towards water conservation”.

He said in some communities, there has been an acute reduction in water, and Petite Savanne is one of them.

“In the last few weeks, we had to truck water to that community and there have been a lot of interruptions in the supply,” Registe said.

According to him, leakages in pipes and the abuse of standpipes are some of the areas to be addressed.

“These practices are really affecting the ability of the company to supply water and we want to raise that awareness. There is a lot of investment taking place in the water sector in Dominica, however if we continue to waste water, then it is likely that we continue to deplete the resource,” he said.

Grandbay and other communities around Dominica will also be included in water conservation campaign.