payment dueThe Union representing staff of the Public Works Corporation (PWC) has given the management there until 1 pm on Friday to pay its staff.

Thomas Letang, general secretary of the Dominica Public Service Union (DPSU), said on Wednesday that staff members at the corporation have not been paid for two fortnights and are threatening some form of action.

However, he did not disclose exactly what type of action will be taken.

According to Letang, late payment of salaries is nothing new at PWC but he pointed out that the Corporation has been undertaking projects, therefore there should be no excuse for not paying staff.

“The employees have mortgages; there is a penalty that is attached to late payments. There are also inconveniences when salaries are not paid on time. Today is already the 6th of the month,” he said.

Letang said the union has dispatched a letter to the management of the PWC indicating its dissatisfaction.

“We told them in the letter that we want all salaries paid by 1 pm and if that is not done, on Monday we will decide what is the next step,” he explained.

Letang said these late payments are not fair to employees.

“This is something that needs to be addressed. We exercised enough patience. They sent a letter saying that salaries will be late, with no indication as to when they will be paid. It is just not fair to the employees,” Letang stressed.