Vendors at the Dominica State College can now breathe a sigh of relief after they were promised a space in a soon to be completed food court at the institution.

The vendors were in a state of limbo for quite a while as they were not sure whether they would be accommodated in the food court.

But according to Education Minister Peter St Jean they will be given priority to conduct their business there.

“Vendors who were operating from the DSC will be given priority to lease vending space at the new food court,” St. Jean disclosed to Dominica News Online.

Three months ago vendors were ordered to demolish the stalls that they were operating near the institution to make way  for the construction a new food court.

However no actual work has begun and vendors wishing to operate in the area by September were told that they would have to purchase tents for temporary use which had to be removed at the end of every day.

The vendors complained that this would significantly affect their ability to earn a living since most of them have no vehicles and they would have to carry their merchandise to and from the college every day.

Minister St. Jean has not said when construction of the food court will begin but the vendors say that they are prepared to struggle with with the inconvenience of carrying their shelters and supplies to and fro in anticipation of a more comfortable and convenient food court in the not-too-distant future.

A total of nine vendors have been in operation in the area for a number of years and according to them vending is their sole source of income.