Prevost described the workshop as important

Prevost described the workshop as important

An e-Business workshop which will incorporate an e-Commerce Diagnostic Assessment of participating firms around the OECS member states has been launched in Dominica.
The process will involve conducting an audit of the firms’ knowledge and use of e-commerce and other e-business tools by using a questionnaire to collect data from the firms.

The objective of the workshop is to introduce the business to available opportunities, to utilize e-Business and conduct an e-Commerce assessment of these businesses which will form an overall OECS e-Business strategy with a focused approach to e-Commerce.

Speaking at the opening ceremony of the workshop on Monday Permanent Secretary of Ministry of Employment, Trade, Industry and Diaspora Affairs, Careen Prevost, described the workshop as relevant and important.

“The use of ICTs has increased over the years and of course increased access to the internet and increased access to technological devices has increased the opportunities for businesses to expand their markets beyond the traditional physical boundaries,” she said.

She added that the use of social media in business has increased and e-Business is also rapidly becoming more important.

“This workshop will focus on e-Business and e-Commerce and will focus on topics such as online branding, website development and hosting, social media, marketing and advertising, e-transactions, service legal agreements, consumer privacy and data protection, legal framework,” she noted.

Prevost pointed out further that a number of opportunities lie within the e-Business and e-Commerce sector.

“Through the use of e-Business and e—Commerce you are better able as business people in Dominica, small and large entrepreneurs to reach individuals who are outside of your traditional markets,” she said. “The government of Dominica has put some focus on the export of services and the Dominica Coalition of Services is a project ongoing with the Ministry of Trade for the past 3 years and it is an effort from CARICOM to increase capacity, in the service sector for export.”

The two day workshop has also been conducted in six other OECS member states.