George shows off two of her products

George shows off two of her products

“The whole world seem to be going crazy over Coconut Oil so I decided to try making it.”

This is what entrepreneur, Anthea George told Dominica News Online (DNO) as she launches a line of Coconut Oil products.

George is from London but her mother is from Tranto in Castle Bruce.

She moved to Dominica a little over two years ago and has been producing Coconut Oil fused with a variety of added ingredients for over six months.

The products include Virgin Coconut Oil, Virgin Coconut Oil fused with Bay Leaf and Virgin Coconut Oil with Eucalyptus.

“The reason I decided to go into business using Virgin Coconut Oil is because I have always been so curious about it and we find the product fantastic,” George said. “So I decided to look into the manufacturing side and gave samples to my friends. They really loved it and discussed it with my family and we decided to take it a step further and look at fusions, particularly the Bay Leaf fusion and it did very well.”

She stated that she wants to present Coconut Oil in a different way.

“I decided to do something different because I have noticed in Dominica the Coconut Oil is packaged for the kitchen, so I decided to look at the beauty side- the cosmetics side, and packaged it in that way. So far it is going really well,” she said.

George has labeled her product ‘Cape Tranto’ in recognition of where her mother originated.

Her products are being produced in Goodwill, where her mother now lives.

She said the oils can be used in a variety of ways including as a skin moisturizer, to treat burns and itching, as a hair product and insect repellent especially when mixed with the Eucalyptus.

“We are very excited about it and looking at other ways where we can fuse the oil and look at other things as well, like body scrubs. That will be the next step,” George revealed.

The oils are being sold in the United Kingdom and four outlets in Dominica.

“We were very lucky and managed to get it on Amazon UK, which is not very easy, so we have done very well in that respect,” she said.

Locally the oils are being sold at Dominica Herbal Business Association Shop in the Old Market, Pirates Duty Free Shop, the Ruins Café and Lindo Mart Supermarket located in Goodwill.

“I hope to take it further in different areas in Dominica as well,” George stated.

The retail price of Virgin Coconut Oil is sold at $25 and Virgin Coconut Oil with additional ingredients cost $30 locally. On Amazon UK Virgin Coconut Oil costs £10 while the others with added ingredients costs £12.

George is hoping to sell her products in St Lucia followed by Barbados and possibly Antigua.

More information about the products can be sourced from the website

The products sold by George

The products sold by George