Jeffrey Baptiste is general manager of FLOW Dominica. File photo

General Manager of FLOW Dominica, Jeffrey Baptiste, has said that the company is desirous of being the only true legitimate full-service provider in Dominica.

Baptiste said this was the push towards the acquisition of local Dominican cable company Marpin 2K4 Ltd by Cable & Wireless Communications (C&W), the operators of Flow.

On Friday, May 12, 2017, the company announced that it had acquired Marpin 2K4 Ltd.

The addition of Marpin means that Flow Dominica will soon be able to offer cable television services in addition to its mobile, fixed-line telephony and high-speed broadband services.

“Let me just say that we have been discussing with the former owners of Marpin say, for the last 18 to 24 months, and I think it came from a desire for us to be the true legitimate full-service provider in Dominica,” Baptiste said.

He stated that the company is rising to the challenge of meeting the needs of the customers.

“We have been operating in this market from the 1930’s; we’ve prided ourselves for shaping the telecommunications infrastructure in Dominica but we also recognize that customer needs have evolved and people more broadly now want to have a single stop when they deal with a service provider and we felt it was appropriate and fitting that we include as part of our product portfolio cable television,” Baptiste stated.

He said that this has been done across the region in several other markets and felt that it was appropriate and the time was right, to include television as part of the company’s product offering in Dominica.

Baptiste also expounded on what drove their interest in Marpin.

“And why Marpin?…I think we will all accept that Marpin, I think, still has a very credible product in Dominica. I said to the Marpin staff when I spoke to them for the first time on Friday, that I admire the passion and the commitment that they have displayed over the years, that they have held the company together under trying circumstances,” he said.

Baptiste said as a Marpin customer himself, he still believes the company has a very good product and that the quality of its service and the quality of its customer experience is ahead of that of the competitor.

He said it was the right decision to acquire the company.

“And I think pretty much it was a good opportunity and we’re buying into good potential. We’re buying into a company that has very good equity in the market, has a very passionate and committed and dedicated population and we just felt it was the right decision, the right strategic move, for the future of the company,” Baptiste stated.

The FLOW GM said that this is not only great news for customers in Dominica but also for the employees of Marpin 2k4.

He described the acquisition as an opportunity to transform the telecommunication landscape in Dominica.

He also highlighted the importance of this investment to Dominica stating that it will push Dominica up the ranks of the ICT World Index which, according to him, is going to be very important for the country “as we reshape and shape Dominica as the place for investment within the region and more broadly within the world.”

Baptiste noted further that this decision presents a wonderful opportunity which he thinks will bring significant value, not only for staff and customers but more broadly, the economy and the country.