gasAs the oil prices continue to drop on the international market, Dominicans will enjoy lower prices in gasoline, diesel, kerosene and cooking gas beginning Friday (today).

The price of gasoline is expected to drop by $1.40 per gallon, according to Director of Trade, Matthan Walter.

Diesel will drop by $1.29 per gallon.

There also will be lower prices for cooking gas and kerosene (See table below).

Further decreases are expected as oil prices continue to tumble.

Walter told told Dominica News Online that the price decrease is good news for consumers on the island.

“At the moment it (oil price) is below US $50 per barrel. Taking that into consideration and seeing that we use posted prices from Houston and the Gulf Coast, it is the expectation that the prices of fuel will continue to decrease,” he said. “It is always good for the consumers when the price of fuel goes down. For the person who uses the road, those who travel long distances, the bus drivers and who have to take gas all the time it is a very good thing for them.”

He further stated the news is also good for housewives, restauranteurs and all those who depend heavily of fuel for daily activities.


Was- $12.82 per gallon

Now- $11.42 per gallon

Reduced by -$1.40 per gallon


Was-$12.33 per gallon

Now-$11.04 per gallon

Reduced by-$1.29 per gallon


Was-$ 10.99 per gallon

Now-$ 9.76 per gallon

Reduced by-$ 1.23 per gallon

Cooking gas

20 lbs

Was $29.41

Now $26.28

Reduced by $3.21

27.5 lbs

Was- $ 40.17

Now -$ 35.77

Reduced by $4.40

30 lbs

Was-$ 43.73

Now-$ 38.93

Reduced by $4.80

100 lbs

Was-$ 142.43

Now-$ 126.42

Reduced by $16.21