The gov't is looking at Canefield Airport as a possible cruise ship port

The gov’t is looking at Canefield Airport as a possible cruise ship port

It appears government has big plans for the near dormant Canefield Airport and is hoping to turn it into a buzzing cruise ship port.

Minister for Energy and Ports Rayburn Blackmore made the disclosure at a press conference on Friday.

According to him, Dominica is seeing “significant improvement in our cruise season” and more mega ships are calling and there is need to improve the country’s capacity to accommodate them.

“The issue of having a cruise port development is very important and the idea is we have been looking at the Canefield Airport,” he said.

Blackmore stated that initial investigations have been completed and said there is confidence the project can be done.

“There are two companies, one United Kingdom-based, Halcrow and one Canadian, Delcan, who are actually willing to assist with providing the technical impressions as to how (to do) this cruise port development in Canefield,” he revealed. “And I think that is the kind of vision that the DLP has for this country; a big vision that will take us through the 21st Century and beyond.”

Blackmoore said more mega ships are calling on Dominica

Blackmoore said more mega ships are calling on Dominica

Switching to the geothermal project, the Energy and Ports Minister noted that the country has spent over $54-million, most of which came from grant funding.

“Of course we are well on the way …as you can see we have just completed the production well,” he stated. “By June we shall be doing scientific testing on production well and we are having discussions with a French consortium of businessmen and in due course a pronouncement will be made as to where we are at in this negotiation.”

Blackmoore said the government is providing “concrete solution supported by facts” on the project while “the other side is bent on providing platitudes, clichés, open-ended sentences that make no sense and are talking about projects that are totally ridiculous.”

Additionally, there are some road projects in the pipe line, the minister said.

The road from Bois Diable to White River will begin by July/August.

The government will also address the Delices road which is prone to landslides. Blackmoore said this will be a European Union funded project and submissions for bids will be ready within a week.

He noted that the Pont Case road going through to Castle Bruce, Petite Soufriere and Kalinago Territory is also on the cards. He said this $60-million project is funded under a World Bank initiative. Similarly, the government has secured a concessionary loan from the Caribbean Development Bank (CDB) to the tune of US$6.5-million to stabilize the St. Aroment to Bath Estate back road cliff, as well as an extension of the side walk from Bath Estate all the way to the Community High School area.

The Dubique cliff is another area that will be addressed under a World Bank facility for risk management, according to Blackmoore.