Ian Kenyon

Delivering product and solutions of the highest quality and at competitive prices to its customers, means that Harris Paints must start with the best quality raw materials at the best prices. In an effort to manage this process more effectively, Harris Paints recently hosted a conference at its regional support centre in Barbados for its main international raw material suppliers. Participants came from Europe, Latin America, the US and the Caribbean to learn more about Harris Paints and its contribution to the Caribbean as well as to more fully understand its raw material needs.

Ian Kenyon – CEO of the Harris Group of Companies along with his senior executive team took the opportunity to reinforce their commitment to the manufacture and sale of environmentally friendly products and to the fulfilment of the company’s mission to enrich the lives of fellow Caribbean people by providing ideas and inspiration that enable its customers to decorate, enhance and protect their living and working environments with outstanding products and solutions that bring superior visual delight and longer lasting care to their surroundings.

“Our suppliers are key to our being able to fulfill our mission”, notes Kenyon. “We see them as our strategic partners and not merely our suppliers. Our needs as a company are changing as we take advantage of technological advancements and as we continue to put the customer at the centre of all we do. With this in mind, we felt that we should proactively bring our suppliers together with the aim of building long term sustainable partnerships with them. As such the event was a major innovation for Harris.”

Based on the success of this year’s event, Harris Paints is looking to make this a regular part of its business cycle as it clearly fosters the dialogue between supplier and manufacturer and moves the conversation from a transactional level to a strategic one. This conference is a sign of the things to come from Harris Paints, the Caribbean Champions of colour.