Security officers at training

Security officers employed at Kings Garment Security have recently undergone a training session aimed at better equipping them for their responsibilities.

Dominica News Online met with the proprietor of Kings Garment Security Petit-Louis Acceus for an exclusive interview in which he mentioned that the security training for his officers was done in order them to better understand their responsibilities as security officers.

“First of all it was a big day for Kings Garment Security. We’ve been trying to get training like that for a long time, because you cannot have a security company just to employ people and just direct the workers to work security. The security officers have to understand what security is. Security officers have big responsibilities, first to protect the clients and to protect themselves in the process. They have to be vigilante to prevent crime as well as respond to it when it does occur. I want for my security company to take the next step so that’s why we did the training,” said Acceus.

Acceus was grateful to the two facilitators who offered their services voluntarily to assist with the training session.

He stated, “We had the Deputy Chief of security for Ross University and former Superintendent of Police Nicholas George as the facilitators for us in training. Some of the guys have reported that this is the first time that they are getting such training, including those who were security officers before. I know that this is a big contribution towards their development and I want to thank the facilitators for the help that they offered voluntarily.”

Acceus made known his intent to establish his company as one of the top security agencies in Dominica, now and for the future. He said that he wants to ensure that the services that his company offers keep his clients happy and raises the overall sense of security in the country as a whole.

He concluded, “From the time I started the company, my clients have been very happy and it is because they are happy that I have been trying to upgrade the service that we offer to keep their businesses safe.”