Regional airline LIAT is reporting that some of its staff have already received their June salaries.

LIAT management has also gone on record to indicate that “all employees will receive their salaries by Tuesday July 3”.

Spokesman Desmond Brown confirmed on Thursday that the company had commenced the processing of salaries for all employee groups.

”He advised that salaries for monthly paid employees are due at the end of the month,” a LIAT release states.

LIAT management said it had taken note of reports in the regional media “regarding the delayed payment of salaries for the month of June 2012”.

The Antigua Observer reported on Wednesday that almost two weeks into a major fire that cost LIAT (1974) an estimated $35 million in insured losses, the company announced it was facing another challenge: it is unable to meet its payroll due at the end of June.

The Observer Media group said it had obtained a copy of a memo relating to late payment of salaries that was sent out to staff.

It said the memo, signed by the company’s Director of Human Resources (HR), stated, “As you are aware, LIAT has been experiencing severe cash-flow constraints for some time. The situation has been worsened by the recent fire, which has caused the company to incur significant unplanned expenses in order to continue normal operations.”

The memo’s said to have indicated that payment would be delayed for a few days.