Over 500 shoes were given to O.D. Brisbane & Sons to be donated to charitable institutions for the needy.  The donor was the 125-year old catalog company, Avon Products Inc., which has embarked on a region-wide programme called “Shoes for Charity”.

Greta Dahl-Keith, Avon’s Caribbean District Sales Manager, in giving a background to this programme, said that her company takes pleasure in giving back to the communities from which they earn.

Childfund Caribbean, Operation Youth Quake, and Dominica National Council of Women were the three institutions chosen that benefitted from the donation of shoes valued at EC$20,000.  The handing over ceremony took place at O.D. Brisbane & Sons on Monday November 15 at 10 am.

Pictured below are Ms. Nicole Shillingford of O. D. Brisbane & Sons, Agents for Avon Products Inc., Mr. Lennox Abraham of Operation Youth Quake, Mrs. Josephine Dublin-Prince of Dominica National Council of Women and Mr. David Nicholas of Childfund Caribbean receiving the donation.

The recipients expressed their gratitude for the gesture and vowed that the shoes would be put to good use by those in their organizations.