Dominica Water and Sewage CO LTD (DOWASCO) is assuring residents of Picard that their water supply is safe for consumption and general use.

Concerns were raised by some in the community about the quality of the water after the company advised customers to take necessary precautions since increase turbidity might be expected due to ongoing excavation works in the area.

Turbidity is a term used to measure the quality of water due to the presence of suspended particles. If water has a high level of suspended particles it gets murkier and the level of turbidity rises.

According PRO of DOWASCO, Ed Registe, the increase in turbidity expected from the excavation work did not come to fruition and the water is safe.

“We did not experience the high level of turbidity which was expected therefore DOWASCO assures residents that the quality of the supply has not been compromised,” he stated.

To back up his claim Registe said independent and internal testing of the water supply has not indicated the presence of any harmful pathogens or contaminants in the water. “The announcement given earlier was given only as a precautionary measure in the event of increased turbidity,” he stressed.

He pointed out that the company will continue to monitor the ongoing excavation works in the area “with the view of ensuring that the quality of the water supply is maintained.”

Registe apologized for any inconvenience caused to customers and repeated that the water supply remains safe.